02 June 2013

33 on 33: Day Nine

You gave me a pet name
Which is not to say I like it

–TMBG, "Pet Name"

Having sorted out my 33 on 33 mapping confusion mentioned in my post for Day Eight (here's my accurate and up-to-date progress map), I arrived at 33 and Partridge Hollow Road for a day of in-the-van painting due to the rain. It rained all night and when I woke up it was still pouring down, so I set up the van to give me a view of my subject. Then it stopped raining. Still, it was chilly and the rain looked like it would return any minute so I played it safe and stayed inside with the side door open in a sort of replay of yesterday's precautions.


Since 1984, Highway 33 has also been known as Loyalist Parkway, thusly commemorated by Queen Elizabeth during her visit that year, due to its historic role in early colonization. She dedicated the original route from Toronto to Kingston in honour of the first settlers who landed there in 1784.

Down the road from me.

The view of my van above is facing north, the reverse angle of my painting subject for the day.

In front of me.

And looking straight ahead was my view of Partridge Hollow Road, dark skies somewhat receding.

Behind me.

I was lucky to have found this entrance to a field that was safely out of the way of traffic while still giving me a good view facing south on 33. The rain made everything here fragrant and the greens were quite lush.

And here's the painting.

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