09 June 2013

33 on 33: Day Sixteen

[Exterior. Man on lawn, alone at dawn.]
–TMBG, "Protagonist"

Instead of painting close to Hubbs Creek Road, my tentative marker for today's stop for 33 on 33, I ended up a little closer to Wellington, deciding to paint a farm up on a hill (here's my Map of Progress):

Panned right.

If you were to look at my subject in today's painting and then turn slightly to the right, you'd see this farmhouse. I shot this upon arrival around 7:30am and the closer photo below was taken as I was packing up around 10:30am. I note the times to demonstrate how drastically the shadows change in just three hours, and I'm learning that speed, accurate drawings, and a good memory (or a combination of all three, plus more) are necessary.

Zoomed in.

This would make a good alternative subject, but the barn and silos spoke louder to me.

Reverse angle.

Despite the sun, it was still quite cold, probably having to do with the wind coming off Lake Ontario which was to my left (and I was facing west) as I painted today.

And here's the painting.

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