15 June 2013

33 on 33: Day Twenty-two

They fixed up the corner store like it was a night club
It's permanently disco
Everyone is dressed so oddly, I can't recognize them
I can't tell the staff from the customers
TMBG, "Man, It's So Loud in Here"

Well, I finally reached the lovely town of Bloomfield today as part of my 33 on 33 plein air painting project across Prince Edward County, and, at Day 22, this marks the two-thirds point in my journey.
The weather was gorgeous...


Soon after these signs first went up a couple of years ago, the letters would fall off in amusing ways. This one in particular lost its second O and the M, leaving what appeared to be the misremembered name of a famous Bond villain.

Just carrying on.

This sign indicates that Loyalist Parkway continues to the right into Bloomfield (turning left will eventually take you to Belleville; your fate is in your own hands).

The junction.

Bloomfield has a lot of great buildings and shops and such, but my stop today wasn't quite in "downtown" Bloomfield; I decided to paint a strange building at the junction of Highways 33 and 62 (which heads north to Belleville). The yellow line in the pic above is actually the south end of 62 where it merges with 33 towards the heart of Bloomfield (and Picton, and, eventually, the Glenora Ferry). Here's my Map of Progress.


Farms are especially stunning in the crisp morning light. This shot was taken from across the street of my subject today (to the left of the pic below).


That's right: this is a Mac's Milk (although, I think they just go by "Mac's," now, and I kind of miss the original mascot) convenience store. Formerly a Becker's convenience store, and before that a garage/gas station, this is by far the weirdest convenience store I've seen. So, coupled with the fact this sits at the junction of  Highways 33 and 62, I just had to paint it.

More than just two doors.

Probably the only Mac's retrofitted into a Tudor revival style building, it's certainly very hard to miss whether you're heading to Bloomfield from Wellington or Belleville alike. The inside layout is similar to any convenience store with aisles of sundries and it was quite busy with folks getting supplies for the weekend.


Of course, just a few houses down from the junction is the legendary Angeline's Inn and Eatery Lounge. The Fida family are great hosts and provide excellent food in beautiful surroundings; a must!
I was very close to painting here today, but the Mac's was just too weird to pass up.

More coolness.

Recently redesigned signage and a great sign/mural herald your arrival at one of Bloomfield's (and PEC's premiere hotspots). Check it out!

And here's the painting.

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