21 June 2013

33 on 33: Day Twenty-eight

I've been leaving on my things
So in the morning when the morning bird sings
There's still dinner on my dinner jacket
'Til the dinner bell rings

–TMBG, "Dinner Bell"

Yesterday I talked about how it might be forgivable for a big corporate business to move into a historic building if it meant the building would remain intact and its architecture preserved (for example: a Starbucks moving into the Brick Church on Main Street Picton would have been more preferable to having the church torn down). But would it be forgivable if this kind of thing went unchecked?

Development overload.

Good thing the nightmare scenario in the image above hasn't happened...yet. I created this Photoshopped image the summer they tore down the church as a sort of cautionary tale of rampant development and history lost.

It's also almost the exact angle I used for today's 33 on 33 stop on Main Street Picton (here's my Map of Progress). What I turned into a Starbucks is actually The Bean Counter Café on the near end and Buddha Dog on the other.

Buddha Dog.

Opposite angle of the old granary building (go ahead and try Google; I couldn't find anything useful) showing Buddha Dog –where the ingredients are local, and the dogs tasty. Get a "flight" and enjoy!

Also, using only their well-designed word-free logo for their shop sign is very cool in its minimalist approach.


Well-kept and beautiful: I have a soft spot for these kinds of interesting architectural details on what are otherwise basic uninteresting boxes. Tasty like a Buddha Dog.

Angles and colours.

Again, basic boxes accented with great details...here with bonus angles and lovely colour choices to boot!

Guaranteed to make the cut, Kelly Roblin has tons of interesting stuff available in her colourful and inviting shop, notably the artwork of amazing local artist Niall Eccles.

Best pizza around.

Unassumingly located between a laundromat and (maybe) the last video store in the world, Prince Edward Pizza makes the best (commercial) pizzas I've had in PEC (the Small Pond cob oven makes great ones, too!). Their crust has a great texture I've never experienced before and Clinton Hele is a master with topping combinations.

That clock tower in the background is part of the Picton United Church, whose bell rings every hour...whether you like it or not.

The Grill.

This is the opposite view of the grey "Wendy's" building in the very first pic. The top two floors are residential and the awnings on the main floor belong to The Acoustic Grill, where their frequent sandwich board motto is "great tunes, cold beer, bad coffee." Their burgers made with local ingredients are fantastic.

On the last Wednesday of each month you can find a bunch of us gathered around some tables in the back for the Monthly Prince Edward County Comix Jam, where we collaboratively draw comics, drink beer, and catch up with each other in a wonderfully laid back atmostphere. Join us! Did I mention The Grill's burgers are fantastic?

The Painted Peppercorn.

Visible and left alone in the top Photoshopped image, The Painted Peppercorn is a cozy place which also has good food and a nice atmosphere.

Penny Morris is great and has all kinds of interesting bulk food items for seemingly every dietary requirement. I think this and the The County Farm Centre are the only bulk food shops in all of PEC (but I could be wrong).

Looking east.

This is only about a block west from the photo below, near Prince Edward Pizza (you can even see my van behind the pickup parked on the street), showing that all the businesses listed above are within a short walk from each other.

Still looking east.

There's my trusty blue van in the far left. My painting spot today was on the sidewalk, beside the planter box on the right. That weird little infothing towering between the boxes used to have a great map of Picton illustrated by Niall Eccles, but it was replaced with a more corporate-looking and less fun one.

And here's the painting.

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