25 June 2013

33 on 33: Day Thirty-two

32 footsteps leading to the room
Where the paint doesn't want to dry
32 footsteps running down the road
Where the dirt reaches the sky

–TMBG, "32 Footsteps"

While scouting a location for my second-last stop for my 33 on 33 project, I was drawn by this amazing sight heading east towards the Glenora Ferry:

Majestic in the morning.

That lone tree/island became my subject for today's painting, but the sky changed abruptly by the time I set up my gear, so –apologies and regrets– the final painting isn't as dramatic.

[A] dock of the bay.
Sorry, Otis, I have no time to waste.

Like yesterday, today's painting features part of Picton Bay (here's my Map of Progress), and this dock belongs to the Glenora Marina, a friendly place where they warn you of imminent rain in time for you to seek shelter so your painting doesn't get wrecked because you're listening to music on your headphones and you can't hear the thunder and didn't look behind you to notice the dark clouds approaching.

I managed to get most of the painting done before the rain poured down, finishing it in my trusty dry and spacious van.

Marina HQ.

Established in the late 60s by Al Wagner, it's still thriving today under the care of his son Larry.

Marina H Cute.

Look at that face! It's like something from a British kids' show; the most adorable marina in the world! I just wanna pinch its barny cheeks.

Pepin prepares.

Frédéric Pepin of the CBC came out to interview me for this project and met me at tomorrow's (and my final) stop, the Glenora Ferry. He conducted the interview with me in the van –appropriate, since I spent so much time in it, not only driving to all the locations, but painting in it for about half of the 33 days. We then went back to the Marina where he videoed me doing a few touch-ups en plein air during a pause in the rain. Then back to Small Pond to shoot some of my previous paintings in this series.

Frédéric had interviewed me before [skip to around 18:42] last December during my Burning the Midnight Oil ink painting marathon and it was great to have him come out again for my latest adventure.

The Painter and The Reporter:
in tandem at the ferry.

Click HERE to see the interview (skip ahead to 16:30).

And here's the painting.

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