03 June 2013

33 on 33: Day Ten

The one in back, the way he acts
Is he reminding you of anyone we know?

–TMBG, "Certain People I Could Name"

Today's stop for 33 on 33 was supposed to be around Highway 27 (here's my up-to-date Map of Progress), but I didn't see anything interesting there, so I ventured further east (as 33 does at that juncture) and parked beside this really cool barn:

Great subject (but perhaps for another time...).

...which was my initial subject of choice for today's painting, but I looked around for options, anyway, just in case. Across the street yielded a few nice possibilities, one of them being this great view of a farmhouse with a couple of silos in the background:

Great subject (but perhaps for another time...).

...but on my side of the road I could see Pleasant Bay and that view was the one I liked best for today.

It was cold and the sky was grey and rain felt like it was imminent, so I set up inside the van again and started painting my landscape. By around 9AM a bunch of horses were let out of their barn (possibly the one in the top pic, I'm not sure) and gathered at the fence near me to check me out briefly, then, after some horsey frolicking, they went on their horsey ways closer to the water.

Great subject (but perhaps for another time...).

These two photos featuring horses were also great painting subjects, but I had to choose just one view and commit to it.

Great subject (but perhaps for another time...).

The sky kind of cleared up by the time I was done painting, but it stayed pretty cold.

And here's the painting.

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