14 June 2013

33 on 33: Day Twenty-one

I hear the wind blow
I hear the wind blow
It seems to say, "Hello, hello,
I'm the one who loves you so."

–TMBG, "Fingertips"

Today's stop for my 33 on 33 project is my second of only two stops between Wellington and Bloomfield, and after my first day in Bloomfield tomorrow, I'll be two-thirds of the way through this whole experiment. Here's my daily-updated Map of Progress.

For days now I'd been noticing this farmer's field and the sensual, undulating rows of whatever that crop is and thought it would be interesting to paint. Rolling hills seem to be rare in PEC, so I thought I should take advantage of this view. Additionally, there was a puddle left over from all the recent rain and including that would be a testament to the rapidly changing weather we'd been having lately.

Puddle on the left.

It was a beautiful day to paint, if a little chilly, but the sun on my back was a nice change from being inside the van off and on for the past few days (it's also much darker in there, and that affects my colours and their values).

To illustrate one of the many challenges of painting en plein air, here's a short video of the mighty wind I had to contend with today (and several other days previously...and, I'm certain, in the future):

And here's the painting.

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