24 June 2013

33 on 33: Day Thirty-one

And though I once preferred a human being's company
They pale before the monolith that towers over me

–TMBG, "The Statue Got Me High"

Nearing the end of my 33 on 33 project I only had to choose two more stops before I reach the Glenora Ferry on Wednesday. Today I stationed myself at the intersection of Highway 33 and Glenora Estates Road (here's my Map of Progress) at the top of a hill overlooking a residential area that is largely on the waterfront of Picton Bay.

Facing east.

Rain was again forecast, but I set myself up outside and managed to finish in the invigorating summer morning air, well before any sign of rain.

Neighbourhood art project?

The neighbourhood recycling was picked up just before I parked and the randomly-tossed blue boxes looked like a half-assed Douglas Coupland installation. My set-up was beside the road facing the water, just out of frame on the right.


On the other side of Picton Bay, along Highway 49 is the Essroc cement plant, giving residents on this side an eyeful of their industriousness. What a view!

The Diamond J Ranch.

Also at this intersection is the Diamond J Ranch (you can see part of their horse fence in the top photo). I've only ridden a horse once, years ago, but I enjoyed it and maybe I should pay these folks a visit and...get back on the horse...

Morning graze.

And here's the painting.

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